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Week Three Wrap Up

This week I had to make a tough call; start San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback Alex Smith or San Diego Chargers’ quarterback Philip Rivers. Smith was up against the Minnesota Vikings this week and Rivers took on the Atlanta Falcons.

I was torn. Rivers is a better quarterback; however, I worried about the Falcon’s defense. Although I thought Smith would be a risky choice, I had a feeling he might have a good game against the Viking’s defense.

I ended up starting Rivers, which was not the right choice. Rivers scored 5.12 fantasy points. Smith scored 11.76 fantasy points.

I also had New York Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes on the bench who ended up scoring 16.70 fantasy points. My other wide receivers, Brandon Marshall and Brandon Lloyd, only scored 7.10 and 12.80 fantasy points, respectively.

Fantasy lesson learned: it’s not necessarily about the player’s talent that matters in fantasy football, it’s about the quality of the match-up.

I am also learning there is nothing more frustrating than when your players on the bench score more points than your starting players.

Frustration aside, I did win this week’s match-up 85.52 – 75.58, which makes my record 1-2.


Fantasy Football 101

Aaron Webster

Photo courtesy of Aaron Webster

Aaron Webster, fantasy football fanatic, shares his tips for the amateur fantasy football player.

Recognize the importance of a kicker. Most players underestimate the kicker’s impact on a fantasy team; however, they can make or break a team. “I won by seven points last week. My kicker, David Akers, scored me 18 points, while my opponent’s kicker only scored him four points,” Webster said. If not for Akers, Webster may have lost his last game.

Pick up free agent players. Picking up free agent players is key to a successful fantasy season, according to Webster. Last season, Webster picked up wide receiver Victor Cruz in week three. “I needed a receiver because my receiver got hurt… so I picked up Victor Cruz. He exploded and ended up being a fantasy dream,” Webster said. Webster suggests keeping a close eye on free agency players throughout the season.

Include players that are playing against weak teams in your lineup. For example, if you have an offensive player who is matched up against a team with a weak defense, you should include that player in your lineup. They are more likely to score you points, Webster said.

Do not include your offensive players and your defense in your lineup if they play each other. For example, on one of Webster’s fantasy teams, he has the 49ers defense and the Lions quarterback, Matthew Stafford. The 49ers and Lions played each other on September 16. “I want my defense (the 49ers) to score a bunch of points, but I also want Matthew Stafford… to score a lot of points. You can’t include them both in your lineup… because you want them to both do well,” Webster said. In other words, if the 49ers defense did well, chances are Matthew Stafford did not score many points.

Do not include players from the same team in your lineup. “Say I have a receiver from the Cardinals, like Larry Fitzgerald. I won’t play another receiver on the Cardinals because you don’t want them to compete for points,” Webster said.

Include a quarterback and a receiver from the same team in your lineup. Scratch the above rule when it comes to quarterbacks and receivers on the same team. “I have Calvin Johnson from the Detroit Lions and I have Matthew Stafford as a quarterback, so I’ll play them together,” Webster said. If your receiver makes a catch, he gets points, and your quarterback gets points for making the throw.

Check your lineup for injuries. Sometimes during the week, one of your players will get hurt or benched for one reason or another, Webster said. If a player is not playing one week, you can be sure he will not score you any points.