Week Three Wrap Up

This week I had to make a tough call; start San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback Alex Smith or San Diego Chargers’ quarterback Philip Rivers. Smith was up against the Minnesota Vikings this week and Rivers took on the Atlanta Falcons.

I was torn. Rivers is a better quarterback; however, I worried about the Falcon’s defense. Although I thought Smith would be a risky choice, I had a feeling he might have a good game against the Viking’s defense.

I ended up starting Rivers, which was not the right choice. Rivers scored 5.12 fantasy points. Smith scored 11.76 fantasy points.

I also had New York Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes on the bench who ended up scoring 16.70 fantasy points. My other wide receivers, Brandon Marshall and Brandon Lloyd, only scored 7.10 and 12.80 fantasy points, respectively.

Fantasy lesson learned: it’s not necessarily about the player’s talent that matters in fantasy football, it’s about the quality of the match-up.

I am also learning there is nothing more frustrating than when your players on the bench score more points than your starting players.

Frustration aside, I did win this week’s match-up 85.52 – 75.58, which makes my record 1-2.


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