Unterreiner vs. Wilson

This week, I presented a challenge to Trent Wilson, a guy who is probably a lot better at fantasy football than I am. I wanted to see who could create a better lineup using my roster and the available players in my league. I asked Wilson, if he had my roster and the players available in my league, what would his lineup be? Who would he start? Who would he bench? And who would he pick up?

I will create my lineup as usual and then we will see who put together the better lineup based on how many fantasy points each team scores.

Trent Wilson’s Lineup

Jessica Unterreiner’s Lineup

Wilson’s explanation of his picks:

“I picked Kevin Kolb of the Arizona Cardinals because their match-up this week is the Buffalo Bills. The only threat that Kolb has is the pass rush,” Wilson said. Two of the Cardinals’ starting running backs are out, so it’s a safe bet that Kolb will be throwing the ball, according to Wilson.

“LeSean McCoy was the best [running back] available to me,” Wilson said, “I had him last year and he did very well. I think he is a solid starter.”

“I picked Alex Green… because [Green Bay’s] starting running back, Cedric Benson, went down and Mike McCarthy [head coach of Green Bay] recently said he was going to start Alex Green over James Starks,” Wilson said. Green is healthy and the Packers’ offense is looking for a change of pace, which is why Green may be a good starter, according to Wilson.

Wilson picked A.J. Green, Brandon Lloyd, and Chris Givens for his wide receivers. “A.J. Green is Andy Dalton’s number one target and he’s a great route runner. They are playing Cleveland. Anyone that plays the Browns has got my vote,” Wilson said.

“Brandon Lloyd is a solid wide receiver and I think he is only going to get better throughout the season because this is his first season with the Patriots,” Wilson said.

Wilson picked Givens, “Strictly because Danny Amendola has an injury and is out for the next six to eight… weeks. Givens is going to be the guy that comes in and takes that spot,” Wilson said.

Wilson chose Dennis Pitta as his tight end. “There was not a great stock of tight ends to pick from. I wasn’t going to pick Fred Davis. I don’t like the Redskins,” Wilson said. “I just went with Pitta.”

Wilson chose Phil Dawson as his kicker. “I don’t know why. I probably should have gone with Akers, but I went with Dawson just because he’s a really good kicker even though he’s with the Browns. I don’t think it’s going to be a high scoring game. If Cleveland and Cincinnati do get tight, I think Cleveland’s offense is so inconsistent the best they can do is get in field goal range,” Wilson said. That’s where Dawson comes into play.

“For defense I went with my St. Louis Rams,” Wilson said. “This is just based off last week’s game against the Cardinals even though the Rams aren’t going to be playing the Cardinals… they are playing the Dolphins, but that’s close enough for me. I’m just going on the match-up on that one.”

My explanation of my picks:

I picked Christian Ponder as my quarterback this week because the Vikings are up against the Redskins. The Redskins’ defense is ranked 25th in the National Football League according to CBS Sports. Based on that, I think Ponder will have a strong performance this week.

I chose wide receivers Brandon Lloyd and A.J. Green for similar reasons Wilson did. I think they are consistent fantasy players and I trust their performance.

I went with Brian Hartline as my third receiver, which is a risky move. I chose him because Brandon Marshall has a bye this week and Santana Moss is useless. I had no idea which wide receivers in the free agent market were worth picking up, so I decided to stick it out with Hartline.

I picked LeSean McCoy and Mikel Leshoure as my running backs. McCoy has been a solid starter for me so I chose to keep him in my lineup. Then, I had to pick between Leshoure and Alex Green for the second running back. I chose Leshoure because Green is up against the Tennessee Titans, who have one of the best defenses in the league. I think Leshoure will be able to score more points against the Eagles’ defense.

I decided to stick with Fred Davis as my tight end. Although he hasn’t done anything outstanding this season, he has been consistent and I think he is a safe pick.

I chose David Akers as my kicker. No matter who Akers is up against, the 49ers rely on him to put points on the board.

I chose Arizona’s defense this week because they are playing the Buffalo Bills. The Bills are probably Arizona’s easiest match-up this season. I doubt the Bills will be scoring much against Arizona.


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