And the Winner is…

Trent Wilson

Trent Wilson.

Wilson won our competition during week six when we both created a lineup using the same available players (see previous post).

His team scored 96.45 points. My team scored 94.68. Below is the breakdown of each player’s scores.

My pick for quarterback, Christian Ponder, scored more fantasy points than Wilson’s pick, Kevin Kolb. One on one, Ponder beat Kolb by about 8.5 fantasy points.

Wilson and I both picked Brandon Lloyd and A.J. Green as two of our wide receivers. My other wide receiver was Brian Hartline, which I knew was a risky pick. He ended up scoring me zero points. Wilson’s wide receiver, Chris Givens, fared much better scoring him 9.83 points.

Just based on our quarterback and wide receiver picks, Wilson would have still won our competition 60.05 – 58.88.

Wilson and I both picked LeSean McCoy as one of our running backs. Wilson picked Alex Green as his second running back who scored about two points more than my pick, Mikel Leshoure.

Based on our picks for quarterback, wide receivers and running backs, I would have won our match-up 79.08 – 78.15.

My tight end, Fred Davis, scored one point more than Wilson’s pick Dennis Pitta.

Wilson picked Phil Dawson as his kicker. In the interview last week, Wilson said, “I probably should have gone with Akers…” Well he was mistaken. Dawson ended up being a better choice than Akers, scoring seven more points than Akers, who was my pick.

Taking into account all positions except our defenses, Wilson would have won our match-up 92.45 – 87.68.

Defense brought our scores closer in the end. My pick, the Arizona Cardinals, scored three points more than Wilson’s pick, the St. Louis Rams making the final score 96.45 – 94.68.


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